4 Masonry Projects to Invest in in 2017

masonry Toronto If you want to protect your investment and ensure that your home remains in excellent condition, you may wish to consider spending a little money on one of the masonry projects that we discuss in this article. If you are not sure which one would be most suitable for your property or whether any of them are really necessary at this point in time, please feel free to call and ask for our advice at any time. We will be more than happy to arrange a no-obligation inspection of your home so that we can give you our professional, unbiased opinion.

Repairing Masonry in Toronto: Call Your Local Experts

We can deal with any of the following repair & renovation tasks and if you are not sure whether they are necessary, we can, as mentioned above, inspect your property and let you know what we think. As a reputable local firm with plenty of loyal clients we never recommend having masonry work done unless it is absolutely necessary so you have nothing to worry about on that score.

  1. Brick Cleaning – Dirty, stained bricks can make the exterior of your home look shabby and uncared for but there is no need to worry because with our brick cleaning service, you can restore your home to its former glory in no time at all. Before we start as new brick cleaning project, we always inspect the walls in question to make sure that the mortar is in a good state of repair. If this is not the case, our masonry Toronto repair team can repoint the joints before cleaning the bricks.
  2. Parging – The covering of interior and exterior masonry bricks to protect them from the elements is something that we recommend doing on properties that have a few layers of exposed above-grade bricks below wooden or aluminum cladding. We use a special mortar mix for parging that guarantees first-class results.
  3. Tuckpointing – Most mortar joints in brick walls only last for around 20 years or so before they need attention. We can remove the outer part of your crumbling mortar and replace it with a fresh layer that will not only make your home look instantly more attractive, it will also help to protect your walls from moisture damage in all seasons.
  4. Chimney Repair – If your chimney has seen better days, our team can almost certainly repair it at very competitive rates. We have worked on a wide variety of projects involving the repair of masonry in Toronto but chimneys have to be at or near the top of the list as far as the frequency of client requests is concerned. Common problems with chimneys include damaged mortar, damage to the crown and cracked flue tiles.

Whether you have a specific project in mind concerning your masonry in Toronto or you would simply like us to give your house the once over, to make sure it is in good condition, please do not hesitate to call during business hours.

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Hire Uninsured Masonry Contractors

masonry contractors torontoWhilst low quotations for masonry work in Toronto can be very appealing to cost-conscious homeowners and businesses, they are not always as attractive as they might first appear. Some contractors are only able to offer cheap masonry services because they have cut their running costs to a minimum. There is nothing wrong with this in principle but if liability insurance was one of the victims of their cost-cutting exercise, you might want to think twice about hiring them

5 Reasons to Avoid Masonry Contractors in Toronto without Insurance

If you want to know exactly why you should not use the services of uninsured contractors, take a look at the five reasons below.

  1. Your Home Will be at Risk – A company that has no insurance will not be able to cover the cost of repairing your home in the event that they inadvertently damage it. Given the serious nature of the type of work that masonry contractors in Toronto and elsewhere often undertake, comprehensive insurance is a must.
  2. You Could Be Liable for Injured Workers – If a contractor’s employee is injured whilst working on your property, their insurance should cover the cost of any compensation. However, with no insurance policy, you could be sued for damages by the worker in question.
  3. Building Code Problems – A contractor in Toronto who is uninsured is most likely unlicensed too, which means they probably aren’t familiar with local building regulations. As the homeowner, it is you who would have to foot the bill for alterations if the local authorities object to any work done by your contractor.
  4. Bad Workmanship – There may well be some uninsured contractors whose work is of a high quality but the odds are that a firm with no insurance is likely to be sloppier in their approach to work than a firm with full cover.
  5. Lawsuits from Injured Guests – A guest of yours being injured by falling masonry while contractors are working on your home may be an unlikely occurrence, but it is a possibility and one that would be covered by their insurance policy, if they had one. If not, it’s you that will have to pay compensation once again.

As you can see, you should always hire an insured masonry contractor in Toronto because the alternative is fraught with danger. Cummins Restorations is fully licensed and insured, so you can hire us with complete confidence.

How Masonry Contractors Can Protect Your Property

masonry contractors torontoMasonry contracting is one of the oldest forms of construction work on earth. Hiring a masonry contractor is not like hiring any other worker to perform a routine construction job on your house. No, these particular construction workers provide the full package of keeping your home and you safe while significantly increasing your property’s value.

Why Hire a Masonry Contractor?

Below are a few reasons why masonry contractors are a worthwhile investment.

  • They Are VersatileMasonry contractors are all extremely well-trained craftsmen and can perform more than just one kind of job. Maybe your patio and garden wall need brick repair and your chimney needs tuckpointing. Instead of hiring a different worker for each job, a single brick mason has got you covered.
  • Safety is Their First Priority – A masonry contractor’s most important job is making sure that the work zone is safe for the residents entering and exiting the property. The mason will also make sure the residents do not have to step over or otherwise inconvenience themselves with construction materials blocking their day-to-day routine.
  • They Are a Start-to-Finish Package – Unlike most construction workers or contracting companies, masonry contractors work totally independently. That is not to say they work alone – sometimes they use sub contractors at their own expense to help with particularly big jobs – but once they are hired, they supply all tools and other materials for the project without bothering the property owner. They will even fill out paperwork and arrange work permits when necessary. In short, they make the construction process as effortless as possible for the client.
  • You Know Your Project is in Good Hands – As stated above, masonry contractors are extremely well-trained. They are not just inexperienced laypeople who needed some extra cash and decided to apply to a construction firm. Instead, there are unions and national organizations that offer extremely competitive masonry contractor certifications. Only those who are extremely adept at a wide range of masonry procedures, safety regulation procedures, and landscaping design concepts can obtain the certification. When you hire a masonry contractor, you can be assured that he knows his stuff.

At Cummins Restorations, we are ready and eager to supply you with any kind of masonry contractor you need, be it brick mason, stone mason, concrete mason, or tile setter. For years, we have been supplying homeowners in the Toronto area with the right personnel to complete work on their homes, and we want to add you to that growing list of satisfied customers.

Tips to Avoid Sub-Standard Masonry Contractors

masonry torontoRegardless of where you live, whether it be in Toronto, Vancouver or any other part of the world, your home will require some repair and maintenance work at some point or another. It’s just part of life. Especially the walls and the architectural elements that form the outer core of your home, as they are exposed to all kinds of conditions year round. If you do spot some damage to your brickwork and mortar joints, whether on the chimney or on the bricks that form your walls, you’re going to need the help of a qualified masonry contractor. If you’ve worked with a particular contractor several times before that’s great, but what if this is a process you’ve never been through before?! How do you pick the good contractors from the bad when there are so many masonry contractors that advertise their services? Fear not as we’re going to offer you some very solid advice based on our two decades in the business.

Never Hire Masonry Contractors that Do the Following…

Sometimes it’s as much about being able to spot red flags as it is about being able to tell which contractor is able to complete whatever work you require to the standards you expect. Below you’re going to find some of the most severe red flags that indicate when certain masonry contractors likely aren’t a good investment of your time and money.

  • Don’t Troubleshoot Problems – Discounting some masonry contractors during your search is as easy as checking to see whether anyone has ever made a complaint against them. You can likely find this information out from your local Better Business Bureau, who act as a mediator when a problem arises between the contractor and client and no progress is made when they try to resolve the matter themselves. A high number of complaints to worrying, but a high number of unresolved complaints should mean the contractor gets crossed off your list.
  • Won’t Show You License or Insurance – It’s perfectly normal that you should want to see the licenses and insurance documents of any masonry contractors that you consider working with. After all, if they are going to be carrying out brick repair or chimney repair, they could be making serious modifications to your home and you want to know you’ll be covered if anything goes wrong. If they refuse to show you these documents, you have to assume that they don’t have them and you should continue your search elsewhere.
  • Refuse to Provide References – This doesn’t always condemn a masonry contractor or mean that they’re not legitimate, since newly qualified masonry contractors may not have completed any official projects yet, but even in these cases they should be able to show you examples of their work. Again, any contractor (unless recently qualified) that won’t provide references probably has something to hide. All reputable masonry contractors know that quality references make closing a deal much easier, so why wouldn’t they provide them?!

There are many, many more red flags to watch out for and if you would like more advice, please get in touch with our team as we would be glad to help. We can be contacted on (416) 992-7965.

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