Chimney Repair on a Budget: 3 Tips


If you are a homeowner with a chimney, you enjoy the many benefits of having a chimney. From being aesthetically pleasing to providing energy efficient warmth during the cold winter months, a chimney makes every home cozy and comfortable. However, regular chimney repair and maintenance can add up over time. What are some ways to save money?

A Little Chimney Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Want to save thousands in chimney repair over the course of your lifetime? Then regularly maintain your chimney. What does this mean? If you see a leak, notice that there has been significant build-up in the chimney, or notice that the structural integrity of your chimney is suspect, don’t wait on fixing the problem.

Small leaks especially can allow precipitation and water in. This will damage your chimney significantly. Additionally, the water can run into your home and cause additional problems. Because the chimney is exposed to the outside elements, they often require repair. Additional moisture can cause deterioration.

The Chimney Crown

Because the chimney crown is exposed to inclement weather on a regular basis, it is important to check the crown on a regular basis. Seal any cracks that you find. Brick and mortar are susceptible to damage from water, leaks, and cracks. In the worst case scenarios, the entire chimney crown needs to be replaced.

Regular Cleaning

Save money by regularly cleaning the inside of your chimney. You can hire a professional chimney sweep surface or do the minor cleaning yourself. You do not want buildup because that can lead to structural damage or fire hazards. Contact a professional service get an estimate of your chimney repair costs. A professional service will include replacing damaged tiles and mortar. They can inspect your chimney for damage and will ensure that the vents and ducts are clear to prevent home fires.

Enjoy your chimney for decades to come with good maintenance, regular cleaning, and repair.