How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Leaning Chimney?


An unstable chimney detracts from the home’s overall curb appeal and can present a danger to your family and valuables. Regular chimney repair and maintenance, chimney repointing, fixing a leaning chimney, and replacement will ensure that you and your family will enjoy years of warmth and comfort. What are the costs of repairing a leaning chimney?

No Time to Wait

A leaning chimney often points to serious structural and foundational issues with your chimney. While regular maintenance and chimney repointing helps, if you have a leaning chimney, it is important to speak with a chimney repair professional today. A leaning chimney can collapse at any time, landing on a house, roof, or vehicle. Additionally, an unstable chimney presents a serious fire hazard and an opportunity for irreparable water damage from precipitation.

Take the time to identify the structural problems. For example, does your chimney seem to be leaning away from your house or falling onto the yard? Does it seem to be falling towards your roof? If you do not know what to look for, call our professionals today about an inspection.

Chimney failure can be because of inferior footing, water drainage issues, or inferior soil under your chimney. This is a significant problem that needs to be taken care of before further damage occurs. Fortunately, once you repair the leaning chimney with a quality chimney repair contractor, you will enjoy your chimney for years to come.

How Much Does Leaning Chimney Repair Cost?

Leaning chimneys often point to a foundational issue in the home. The brick pulls away from the side of the house. Expect to spend a few thousand dollars to repair this issue. However, a chimney repair professional will be able to most accurately assess the actual damage done and find ways to repair your chimney within your budget with the best materials.

Top 6 Tips You Need to Know About Chimneys But Never Asked


Homeowners love the warmth and comfort a fireplace gives their family. Know what you need to know from hiring an inspector to estimate chimney crown repair costs to how to basic maintenance and safety tips. Read our professional chimney tips below. Enjoy your new chimney for decades to come with regular maintenance and repair.

Tip 1: Inspect Your Chimney Regularly

Every homeowner needs to have their chimney professional inspected at least once a year. A chimney repair professional will be able to tell you about structural issues, chimney crown repair costs, and whether you need professional chimney sweeping. They will check to see if the structure is sound, check the levels of creosote, and make sure that the chimney is clear. You want to inspect your chimney at least once a year, twice if possible. Aim for inspection before the winter season.

Tip 2: Install Caps

Be sure to install a chimney cap on all the flues. They protect your chimney and home from rain, critters, debris, and leaves.

Tip 3: The Right Wood

Use well-seasoned hard wood. Avoid burning Christmas trees or painted wood. Wood stored outside should be dry enough to use for heat. Do not use accelerants or liquid fire starters.

Tip 4: Keep Furniture a Safe Distance Away

Keep all furniture and anything combustible at least a meter away from the chimney to avoid them catching fire.

Tip 5: Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Be sure that you have up-to-date smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Place them on the ceiling, not near the floor. Place throughout your home.

Tip 6: Babysit Your Fireplace

Don’t leave your fire unattended. There are several reasons for watching your fire in your fireplace. If you have pets or young children, you want to keep them away from the flames. Additionally, tumbling logs can cause a house fire.

Follow these simple tips to maintain your chimney. If you have not inspected your chimney this year, be sure to call a chimney repair specialist today.

3 Ways to a Better Chimney

masonry-repair-specialistA beautiful chimney adds value and elegance to your home. Over time, your chimney may need repair due to weather, water damage, or regular wear-and-tear. There are several things that a masonry repair specialist can do to help restore and repair your chimney as well as ways that you can maintain your chimney.

Regular Chimney Cleaning

Does your chimney need regular cleaning? Major repairs and cleaning require the help of a masonry repair specialist, but there are many ways that you can help keep your chimney clean. Sweep out the entire chimney, from the fireplace to crown, at least once or twice a year. Try to clean the chimney before the busy winter season when the fireplace will be in use more often.

Remove any excess build-up of soot and creosote. Creosote build-up is a prime cause of fires as it is a very flammable substance. If you don’t know how to clean your chimney or need help contact a professional service to inspect and clean your chimney.

Chimney Repair

Sometimes your chimney will have cracks, damaged mortar joints, rust or damage to the chimney crown. It is important to address these issues once you see them. Why? Small cracks and damage can easily lead to massive repairs and replacement, especially if water damage occurs. What else to look out for? Watch for any excess moisture, debris, or cracked tiles accumulating in your fireplace. This can indicate damage that needs immediate attention.

Chimney Replacement

Unfortunately, sometimes the damage is too great for a simple repair. If that is the case, then you may have to replace the entire chimney. While costly, replacing your chimney will add value to your home in the long term, providing you with a safe and beautiful fireplace and chimney. A professional contractor can give you an estimate for your chimney. For homeowners that hope to resell their home in the future, replacing a dilapidated chimney is just one way to enhance the overall beauty and curb appeal of the home.

Chimney Repair on a Budget: 3 Tips


If you are a homeowner with a chimney, you enjoy the many benefits of having a chimney. From being aesthetically pleasing to providing energy efficient warmth during the cold winter months, a chimney makes every home cozy and comfortable. However, regular chimney repair and maintenance can add up over time. What are some ways to save money?

A Little Chimney Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Want to save thousands in chimney repair over the course of your lifetime? Then regularly maintain your chimney. What does this mean? If you see a leak, notice that there has been significant build-up in the chimney, or notice that the structural integrity of your chimney is suspect, don’t wait on fixing the problem.

Small leaks especially can allow precipitation and water in. This will damage your chimney significantly. Additionally, the water can run into your home and cause additional problems. Because the chimney is exposed to the outside elements, they often require repair. Additional moisture can cause deterioration.

The Chimney Crown

Because the chimney crown is exposed to inclement weather on a regular basis, it is important to check the crown on a regular basis. Seal any cracks that you find. Brick and mortar are susceptible to damage from water, leaks, and cracks. In the worst case scenarios, the entire chimney crown needs to be replaced.

Regular Cleaning

Save money by regularly cleaning the inside of your chimney. You can hire a professional chimney sweep surface or do the minor cleaning yourself. You do not want buildup because that can lead to structural damage or fire hazards. Contact a professional service get an estimate of your chimney repair costs. A professional service will include replacing damaged tiles and mortar. They can inspect your chimney for damage and will ensure that the vents and ducts are clear to prevent home fires.

Enjoy your chimney for decades to come with good maintenance, regular cleaning, and repair.

What Does Chimney Repair Cost?


Enjoy the beauty and comfort of a luxurious fireplace. However, be sure to maintain the fireplace to ensure a lifetime of use. Chimney repair cost may seem daunting to calculate, but there are actually several very basic pieces to consider when evaluating the overall price of professional chimney repair.

Chimney Sweeping

Reduce the risk of fire and maintain an elegant clean look by regular chimney sweeping. Costs can range into hundreds of dollars. The chimney repair cost overall will depend on the amount of creosote resin is coating the chimney wall. Creosote resin is released into the smoke. It accumulates quickly.

If you peek into your chimney with a flashlight and see more than a third of a centimeter or thicker, it is time to sweep your chimney. Routine cleaning will prevent the creosote from accumulating to high levels. While you should hire a professional to clean your chimney, some minor maintenance can be done by using chimney cleaning logs which help the tar fall away from your chimney walls. However, this is only a basic way to maintain the chimney. Most of the time, you will need a professional to remove the buildup.


Mold and wood rot can be a problem if water leaks into the chimney. Water is acidic. Combining with the creosote rust can permanently destroy dampers. Water will also damage mortar and wood. Cost ranges from a few hundred to several hundred dollars. Contact a professional for an estimate.

Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney crown repair is an important part of good chimney maintenance. The crown prevents precipitation from traveling down the flue, protecting your home, the brick and mortar, and the overall structural integrity of your chimney. The crown may prevent critters from entering your home. The spark arrestor protects your home from stray embers and sparks. A cracked crown can allow water to enter the home, causing irreparable damage to the brick and mortar, wood, and your home. During inclement weather, smaller cracks in the chimney crown can expand, requiring a full chimney replacement.

Cracks and Chimney Replacement

A crack in your chimney can range from a couple of hundred dollars in repairs to a few thousand. If you find a crack in your chimney, it is best to repair it as soon as possible. A brick mortar repair is more affordable and may prevent nearly irreparable damage to your chimney. If you need to repair the entire chimney or replace it from the crown to the roofline, expect a price tag up of a few thousand dollars. In some cases, structural damage is too extreme for a partial repair and the entire chimney would have to be replaced. Expect to pay more than ten thousand dollars for a full chimney replacement.

Maintain your chimney regularly. Look for buildup, cracks, and leaks that may lead to larger costs. Call a professional to assess the status of your chimney to ensure safety and security for years to come.