What is a Spalled Brick?

Have you noticed falling or missing bricks from your chimney? This can be an issue called spalling. Spalling happens often to masonry chimneys, retaining walls, and more. Small cracks lead to bigger cracks, leading to significant deterioration that requires professional masonry work. What Causes Spalling Moisture penetrates the brickwork. Depending on your climate and the […]

How Do You Fix Decaying Bricks?

Beautiful brick homes require little maintenance. They provide aesthetic beauty and security. However, sometimes you need chipped brick repair to maintain the look and structural integrity of your home. What are some ways to fix decaying brick? What do you look for? Let’s find out. Crumbling and deteriorating brick is a common issue. However, a […]

To Parge or Not To Parge: Home Foundation Care

Many homeowners wonder about the benefits of parging concrete foundations of their home. There are several important reasons why parging should be considered by every homeowner. More than decorative, adding that extra coat to your walls and foundation provides extra protection for your home. A Weather Barrier For homeowners that live in areas with inclement […]

Fireplace Brick Repair: Why Leaving Cracks is Not a Good Idea

The fireplace has been around for thousands of years and in all that time has remained largely unchanged. It’s a remarkable example of human ingenuity and like all the best ideas people have come up with its simple in both concept and execution. In fact it’s so simple that people tend to take it for […]

Brick Repair and Common Causes of Cracking

Bricks have been a popular building material for well over 2,000 years and the things that attract people to them today are the same things that made them popular with the Etruscans and the Romans after them. They’re durable, easy to use, they provide a rock-solid defence against Mother Nature and they look good. But […]

Brick Repair 101: Essential Points to Consider

Homeowners in Toronto know how hard the climate can be on their properties and do not need reminding why they should ensure that the exterior walls of their home are maintained in excellent condition. If the exterior walls of your home have exposed brickwork, you will eventually need to have that brickwork repaired to ensure […]

The Importance of Mortar Matching During Do-It-Yourself Brick Repair

When you choose to conduct chimney repair on your own, there are many details to consider. One of these details, which you will come across during tuckpointing or brick repair, is the exact mix of the mortar used to stick the bricks together. It is often impossible to find the exact brand of mortar mix […]

4 Reasons Why Your Property Might Need Brick Repair

Brick has proven itself to be an exceptional building material over a very long period of time, but that doesn’t mean that it’s immune to damage. No, in fact it’s actually fairly common for homeowners in Toronto to require brick repair (we wouldn’t be in business if they didn’t) in order to restore their property […]

Do You Need Brick Repair?

The bricks walls that represent the exterior of our homes are constantly exposed to a range of weather conditions, which can be particularly punishing in the Toronto area at times, and it’s only normal that this will have an effect on their condition over time. This rate of deterioration is further exaggerated if the wall […]